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If you are looking to become the envy of your neighbors and make your house stand out, then the fastest way to bring back that curbside appeal is to get your home washed. Majestic Surfaces are a premier provider of house washing in League City TX and throughout the area. Using the latest soft washing technology, Majestic Surface is experts at removing stains, clearing away moss, and bringing back your home’s natural beauty. With years of experience, our friendly team can have your home looking new and ready to face whatever the weather decides to throw at it.

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Vinyl Sliding

There used to be a time when cleaning vinyl siding was a colossal job (That took days and cost a fortune). You needed tall ladders or even scaffolding to reach and scrub away all the dirt and moss that builds up on your home’s walls. House washing in League City TX, by Majestic Surface, can save you time, money, and expensive repair bills. Using pole-fed soft washing techniques, our team of professional staff can wash away your worries and leave your property looking years younger. Before booking the siding contractor and replacing your tired-looking vinyl siding, give us a call today.

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Brick House

Bricks may appear strong enough to withstand jet washing, but their porous surface might mean they are not suited to jet washing. Indeed, the high-powered jet washers available today can force water into every loose joint and crack in your brickwork and cause thousands of dollars of damage. If you a looking for house washing in League City TX, call Majestic Surface today. We want to help you look after your property by not just cleaning the surface but removing stains and killing the harmful moss and mold that builds up over the year.

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Stucco House

Stucco is a hard-wearing and durable surface that makes your home look great. Over time though, dirt builds up, moss and mildew start to appear, and it can begin to make your home look dull. You might be thinking it is time for a fresh coat of paint, or you could even believe that more expensive maintenance is required. Wait! Before spending a fortune, try house washing in League City TX, by Majestic Surface. For a fraction of the cost of repairs or replacement, we can soft wash your stucco property and bring back its natural beauty.

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Risk-Free House Washing in League City TX

Your home is your most significant investment, and at Majestic Surface, we want to help you keep it looking good and protect it from bad weather and harmful plant growth. This is why we do not use pressure washers for house washing in League City TX, as these could damage your property’s walls and windows. The method we use is called soft washing. Soft washing utilizes an eco-friendly detergent and gentle water jets that deep clean your house, removing grime and killing mold spores without the risk and waste of traditional pressure washers.

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Frequently Asked League City House Washing Questions

High-powered pressure washers can mark concrete, strip paint, and cut wood. This is why for house washing in League City TX, Majestic Surface soft wash your property. This is faster, cleaner, and most importantly, safer than pressure washing your home.

In League City, TX, House washing by Majestic Surface is done by ‘Soft’ washing. First, we use an eco-friendly detergent that lifts the dirt and protects your property. Then all the grime is gently rinsed away, leaving nothing but a home that is bright and fresh.

Professionals recommend that house washing in League City TX, is carried out at least once per year. Everyone’s home is different, though. Lousy weather, animal droppings, or plant growth on your property can mean washing is needed more often. If you have any doubts, call today, and we will be happy to advise you.

Check our Our Pricing Page or call us today for a fast, free quote for house washing in League City TX. No job is the same, and we want to be sure that the price we give is the price you pay. We want you to be 100% happy with our work, and that starts with a price that makes you smile.

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